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Foot Locker coupons & coupon codes

Looking for the hottest shoes to make your feet look tasty on the run? Foot Locker keeps your feet looking good and feeling good while moving.Foot Locker is a global phenomena that sells athletic footwear and apparel. Their goal is to find you the gear you need to workout or cheer on your favorite teams. You play basketball? They got a shoe for that. You run? They got a shoe for that.Foot Locker has it all, including clothing that shows the world who you're rooting for when the game comes on.Foot Locker also lets you know when their next big product is coming out with their Release Calendar. There’s also a New Arrival section so you won’t miss a thing.Be sure to take a look at Definitive Deals for + more

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It’s June at last, and that means that Father’s Day is coming up. Need help finding the perfect gift? Don’t worry; we’re here to present you with the top gift ideas for your man of the year…

Complementing Mother’s Day from the prior month, Father’s Day is celebrated on the third Sunday in June as a way to honor and recognize dads and father-figures everywhere. No matter your price range, here are a few ideas he’s bound to love

1. Hunting or Fishing Gear: This is perfect for the father who loves to live life outdoors. Think fishing rods, reels and tackle or hunting equipment such as targets, traps and the like.

2. Tools: What dad doesn’t think he’s handy? If you know someone that’s really DIY-oriented, you know they’re always looking for new tools and hardware supplies. This is about as fail-safe a gift as you can get.

3. Clothing: How does that ZZ Top song go again? If it’s within your budget, buy him a nice suit. Or you can find him a new pair of pants or a shirt (dress or casual), or the item that we all default to when we don’t know what to get: the tie.

4. Sports Tickets: Remember those stories about your dad bonding with his father over a baseball game? Surprising him with tickets to see his favorite team is a great way to spend Father’s Day. You could also use it as a means of helping the family spend some quality time together.

Speaking of sports and bonding activities…

5. A Day At The Golf Course: This is perfect if you and your dad like to golf. Arrange a tee time at your local course and let the good times roll (hopefully not past the cup…) If the golf course isn’t quite your thing, a new set of golf clubs or accessories is also a great gift you can give.

6. Barbeque/Grilling Tools: This is undoubtedly perfect for the man who fancies himself a grill master. If it’s within your means, consider a new grill or a meat smoker. Too much money? No problem! Grill accessories such as charcoal or propane, spatulas and tongs also make for awesome gifts (and tasty food for you!).

7. Landscaping Equipment: Some dads like to keep busy, and for them, landscaping might be their favorite pastime. Keep them stocked up on maintenance tools such as lawn mowers or hedge clippers, or plant a few trees and flowers around the yard. For those who want to go the extra mile, you can do it all for them for a day, but we’ll get into that more a little bit later…

8. Tech Gadgets: Yes, some electronics can get a little pricey, but there are plenty of places you can go to get the latest toys and tech gadgets for less. Laptops and tablets are great options, as are smartphones, cameras or stereo systems. Tons of places run Father’s Day sales, so look out for those (or get started now with some of our deals below…).

9. Books: Who doesn’t love to read? Find out who your dad’s favorite author is and surprise him with a book or two. Or find him a guidebook for his latest hobby (you can even look at buying a magazine subscription).

10. A Day Off!: Dad has sacrificed a lot to provide for you, and may still carry much of that burden. So what better way to let him celebrate Father’s Day than by giving him a day off? Let him relax while you take care of the usual responsibilities. You can even offer to grill for him or help out with the lawn work (callback!).