10 Feb

Single on the Most Celebrated Day of Love

We here at Definitive Deals are aware that Valentine’s Day isn’t everyone’s favorite day and majority of the time it’s because you don’t have a certain someone to enjoy this day with. So instead of staying in and avoiding all sights of love we present to you ‘Don’t Beat Yourself, Treat Yourself’ Definitive Style Deals!


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5 Feb

H&R Block Presents: A Look At Tax Deductions

We’re in the midst of tax season, and our good friends at H&R Block know that something like tax deductions can trip up even the most experienced pros. That’s why today, we’re going to take a few moments explaining what they are, which ones you might qualify for, and what you need to do when it comes to filing your return…

Tax Deduction

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3 Feb

World Wide Stereo Valentines Giveaway

Just in time for the most celebrated day of love, World Wide Stereo is giving away a FREE new sleek Bluetooth Wireless Speaker that will make that special someone feel that much more special. Whether it be presented as a gift or used to set a certain mood, World Wide Stereo and we here at Definitive Deals want to ensure that your day of love goes just right! All you have to do is follow a few simple instructions and this brand new Bluetooth Wireless Speaker can be all yours and did we already mention for FREE!!!

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28 Jan

How to Throw a Super Bowl Party Diddy Style

As the BIG day approaches we’re sure you’re still searching for those last minute items to ensure the perfection of your Super Bowl party, and we don’t mean simple items such as plastic plates, trash bags, or an extra liter of soda. We mean those items that will up the ante and transform your Super Bowl party from a typical one into a Diddy style type of affair…



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24 Jan

Grammy Awards 2014: 10 Artists To Watch On Music’s Biggest Night

Break out the record players/iPods or stereos, plug in your headphones, and enjoy. We’re big fans of music here at DefinitiveDeals, and with the Grammy Awards right around the corner, we’re taking a look at some of the nominees and giving you recommendations on what you should be listening to now…

Grammy Awards

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22 Jan

Super Bowl XLVIII Preview: Broncos vs. Seahawks

The match is set and the time is now: the Denver Broncos will meet the Seattle Seahawks in the Super Bowl Sunday, February 2 from MetLife Stadium in New Jersey. In honor of the “big game,” we here at DefinitiveDeals are here to break down this 48th installment of football’s biggest game, and give you our prediction of who will reign supreme when the final whistle blows…

Super Bowl XLVIII

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17 Jan

10 Tips For Pet Owners On A Budget

So you’ve decided to get a pet. Why not? They’re furry, lovable and all the while, adorable. However, sometimes the costs of trying to care for your animal can add up. That’s why today, we’re breaking down 10 tips to help give the best care possibly to your new companion(s), even if you are on a budget…


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15 Jan

Entertainment For Less: 5 Budget-Friendly Alternatives To Cable

We’re big fans of television here at DefinitiveDeals, and unfortunately, the high price of cable can make anyone think twice about how much they want to keep up with their stories. Never fear though, because there are plenty of ways to enjoy your shows for less, and today, we’re breaking down 5 of them for you…

Cable Alternatives

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10 Jan

Winter Workout: 8 Tips To Stay Active

Health and fitness are important, but in the winter, the elements can often make it difficult to stay motivated. That’s why today, we’re offering 8 tips to help you workout, even in the coldest of days…

Winter Workout
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8 Jan

Stay Out Of The Cold: 12 Tips To Stay Warm This Winter

Winter is in full effect, and some places around the country are feeling the chill in the form of record-breaking temperatures. That’s why today, we here at DefinitiveDeals are presenting 12 budget-friendly to help you keep warm, even on the coldest of nights…


Whether it’s building a fire, wearing layers, or using your resources to your advantage, staying warm doesn’t have to be a struggle. There are plenty of ways to beat the cold, and before you know it, you will have beaten winter and spring will be here (but more on that later).

So what can you do? Here are a few ideas:

  1. Wood Burning Stove: Before there were furnaces, there were stoves, and if you’re fortunate enough to have one in your home, use it. Just start a fire, add some wood, and you have heat, but be sure to close the vent while the fire roars.
  2. Layers: Base layers, thermals, coveralls, jackets, sweaters, everything is fair game. Some layers are also designed to trap in body heat, so look into those if need be.
  3. Windows and Curtains: Some people say you need to open the curtains to let the light in. Along with that, this can also let the heat in if it’s a sunny day. Then at night, close the curtains to trap it inside.
  4. Check Your Furnace: Many use furnaces to keep warm, but not taking care of it can leave you in the cold (no pun intended) and with a hefty bill. Be sure to check your filters and clear it of any snow, brush or obstructions that might be around the area, check the blower, and if you think there’s a problem, call a professional.
  5. Ceiling Fan In Reverse: A Fan sounds like the last thing you would want to turn on in the wintertime, but turning it on in reverse works to push warm air down from the ceiling. As an extra tip, be sure to keep it on the lowest setting.
  6. Warm Beverages, Avoid Alcohol: Drinks such as coffee, tea, and hot chocolate are go-tos for everyone who needs to feel warm, though some of these can lead to dehydration, so enjoy in moderation. On that note, avoid any alcoholic beverages. While it might make your skin warmer and give you the illusion of more body heat, it takes warmth away from your core and actually causes you to lose heat faster.
  7. Body Movin’: It’s a resolution to some, and a way to generate body heat to others. Get active to help generate the heat. Run on a treadmill if you have one, do some jumping jacks or push-ups, anything really. This helps to get the blood flowing and providing that much-needed warmth. Whatever you do, don’t take the cold sitting down.
  8. Space Heaters: They’re small, they’re movable, and they’re one of the most effective ways to heat an area for less. Heat an entire room, or just your toes while you’re at your desk. Best of all, it add less than $1 to your electric bill.
  9. Keep The Oven Open: If you’ve just used your oven to cook something, keep the door open while it cools. This is great for heating your kitchen, or even your small apartment.
  10. Humidifier: A humidifier is great to have in the wintertime, but it does more than prevents dry skin and chapped lips. The moisture it creates helps to make things feel warmer, so you don’t have to use as much electricity to stay warm.
  11. Uncover Vents, Seal Away Drafts: Your warm air comes out through the vents, so it only makes sense that you keep them uncovered. This involves moving furniture accordingly or making sure your household pets don’t hog it all for themselves. Along with that, be sure to seal away any cracks or holes that air can escape from such as around your doors and windows.
  12. Fuzzy Socks: They’re more than just fashionable, they’re also effective in helping you battle the cold. Your extremities are generally the first places to lose heat, so keeping them covered will help to keep your body warmer.

Do you have any tips you’d like to share? Let us know in the comments below.

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