21 Jul

The Perfect Summer Glow


Many have wondered and even more have asked, with the heat in full effect how is it possible to get that perfect summer glow?! Fear no more because not only are we going to give you the steps to doing so, we’re going to also give you our top merchants that carry the products to give you that perfect glow!! Read More »

14 Jul

Triple Summer Threat: Surf, Skate, and Street Wear


In a world where conventionality is the norm and being different is frowned upon, Definitive Deals and Tilly’s poses a challenge and together we dare you to take the challenge to step out the box and show that different can be both good and fashionable! Read More »

9 Jul

Summer Camp Essentials



School may be out, but summer camp is just beginning and similar to school summer camp requires many new items such as notebooks, pencils, backpacks, and even clothes! Luckily we here at Definitive Deals understand the importance of summer camp essentials, in fact we understand it so much that to make this an easier process for you we’ve went ahead and not only given you the TOP summer camp essentials, but we’ve also got you some special deals to go along with these items!! Read More »

2 Jul

Happy Independence Day America!!!


As we gear up to celebrate America’s birthday also known as Independence Day and/or The 4th of July, Definitive Deals would like to wish you a fun and safe holiday.
Happy Independence Day America!!!

25 Jun

Summer…Summer…Summer Time!!!

In the great words of the fresh prince of Bel-Air himself Mr. Will Smith it’s FINALLY Summer…Summer…Summer Time!!! With so much to do in so little time Definitive Deals has put together a summer time to do list just for you! This list provides all the summer time activities that absolutely have to be done ONLY if you want to have a fun and productive summer that is ;)
Read More »

17 Jun

Must Have Summer Reads


Along with the nice weather comes the chance to stay outside as late as we want, lie up in the beautiful green grasses, and simply enjoy the sounds of nature. However what would all this be without a few must have summer reads in our possession?! With school out and summer vacations being taken a great book is something that none of us could ever go wrong with and Definitive Deals is here to give you the cherry to put on top of the perfect summer! Read More »

9 Jun

Deals for Dads Day


It’s that time of the year where we show our dads just how awesome they are and how appreciative we are of them for being so!! With this deals for dads day guide the gratefulness will most certainly be shown and Dad will see just how loved he really is!! Read More »

2 Jun

Vacations All You’ve Ever Wanted?!

With school ending, summer approaching, and PTO hours finally being put to use, vacations are now being implemented!! Rather it is for families, couples, or just a group of friends we here at Definitive Deals understand how important it is to make these summer vacations not only unforgettable but affordable, because we all know the damage that can be done due to summer vacations. Therefore we have compiled a vacations all you’ve ever wanted list that will save you some major bucks and spend A LOT of fun!!! Read More »

20 May

Memorial Day BBQ Tips!

The first pre-summer holiday is slowly approaching us and we could not be more excited…yes we are talking about Memorial Day! Nice weather, family and friends, 3-day weekend, patriotic colors, and most importantly delicious BBQ will all be taking place come this weekend. With the meaning behind the actual holiday being the most important aspect to highlight, it is also crucial to have your BBQ skills up to par, therefore we’ve gathered some Memorial Day BBQ tips that we know will make your BBQ the best in the neighborhood!


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14 May

Graduation Time!!


It’s that time of the year again, yes that bittersweet time where you have to make that next big step in life, its graduation time! From Pre-school to elementary and all the way to finishing a Doctorate Program, graduation time is major for all of us, but especially for those who will be walking across those stages, so what better way to celebrate a grad than with the perfect party and gifts?! There is no better way other than the happiness that will be felt from everyone close to the grad, but besides that parties and gifts are defiantly up next! We’ve made it all very simple for those who are planning the graduation parties and looking for the graduation gifts!!

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