26 Jan

Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend


What better way to express your love than through jewelry come this Valentine’s Day?! There is none of course and everyone knows that diamonds are a girl’s best friend!!

B2C Jewels wants to help you show your love and appreciation to your Valentine this year through the most finest and perfect jewelry pieces! Read More »

12 Jan

Tax Season Preparation


It may be the most dreadful process, but the outcome usually puts a smile on many faces…its tax season ladies and gents and we are here to make this process and bit easier for you this year!! Read More »

29 Dec

End of the Year Sales


There is no better time to shop than now!! You ask why? Well because the year is coming to an end and end of the year sales are beginning. These aren’t your average sales, these are the coat that you’ve had your eye on for a few months but have been waiting for a dramatic price drop sales. The shoes that aren’t quite in your price range, but with a sale will be sales. These are the end of the year sales and we have all the ones that you WILL NOT want to miss out on!!! Read More »

24 Dec

Happy Holidays!!

xmas party
Our team would like to wish you and your loved ones a safe and Happy Holiday season!!!


19 Dec

The Perfect Christmas Dinner


Making the perfect Christmas dinner doesn’t always come easy and in many cases leads some to go into panic modes and slight anxiety attacks. Well Definitive Deals wants to help you avoid any bumps in the road you may come across this year. The perfect Christmas dinner does exist and we are here to help you achieve it!! Read More »

8 Dec

His and Her Christmas Gift Guide


Just when you think you know your significant other like the back of your hand…Christmas comes around and you’re stuck with a blank space in your brain not having a clue what to put under the Christmas tree for your partner. No, you’re not the only person who endures this bizarre complication and because of that Definitive Deals has put together a his and her Christmas gift guide just for YOU!!! We can almost promise that after going through this guide your holiday shopping will be made much easier!! Read More »

1 Dec

Cyber Week Deals

As the years pass, Cyber Monday is no longer just on a Monday, now it’s become a week long sale!! By doing this holiday shopping has been made not only easier for consumers, but also more cost effective. Instead of just jumping to the first sale seen shoppers now have more time to look into all types of different deals and can pick which will save them more money. Cyber week deals have taken over the internet and Definitive Deals has all the grab worthy deals that you DON’T want to miss!! Read More »

19 Nov

Top Deals for Black Friday


It’s the most anticipated day of the year for savvy shoppers, it’s the only time when it’s totally appropriate to literally run through stores, and it’s the topic of conversation at most Thanksgiving dinners………………it’s Black Friday!!!!!! Although many sales take place in-store there are some incredible on-line deals that exist and Definitive Deals has grabbed those top deals for black Friday just for you!! Read More »

11 Nov

Discover Healthy

Discover your health and how delicious life can be in doing so with Bestowed!!


Everyone knows going from eating whatever you please to eating healthy can be a difficult transition, but not all transitions have to be a difficult one, in fact many can be fun and Bestowed just so happens to be one of few programs that makes this change a fun one!!

More important than difficulty is $$$ cost $$$… A lot of people stray away from healthy eating because it requires more money to be spent, but once again Bestowed is one of few programs that’s not only affordable but also offers exclusive coupon codes to make healthy eating an easy, fun, and affordable lifestyle!!!

As we slowly approach the start of the New Year, Definitive Deals and Bestowed would like to give you a hand on these early New Year’s Resolutions goals by offering some exclusive codes on subscriptions and most importantly we want everyone to discover healthy!!

15% off 1 month subscription with exclusive coupon code ECKIM15
23% off 3 month subscription with exclusive coupon code ECKIM23

3 Nov

Country Outfitter Giveaway

Country Outfitter is hosting a marketplace bundle giveaway and we want YOU to win!!!!

C.O. giveaway

Simply click the link below to follow the steps and you can win a 3 piece giveaway from County Outfitter Marketplace featuring Country Deep Apparel, West & Co., & Jill’s Jewels!!

This giveaway is from 11/3-11/6 and the winner will be announced on November 6th!!

By entering the giveaway, customers will receive 10% off $100+ orders which will last from 11/3-11/9..We know…this giveaway only gets better and better, so hurry and enter this giveaway and get some amazing perks just for doing so!!

Click HERE to enter the Country Outfitter Giveaway!!!

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